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Regardless of limitations, beyond the rules. Pushing the boundaries of possibility.

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PS Masters looks for the boundaries of what the possibilities are with marble and natural stone. What is normally the end point, is a starting point for PS Masters. Creations of nature taken to a higher level.

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The first achievement of this approach is the FK.1: a washbasin that has no equal in terms of design. Highly exclusive, because they will be made in a very limited number and only on request.

Marble bathroom
Marble wall
Marble example

Doing what seems impossible,that
is what drives
PS Masters.

Imagine a washbasin that consists of nothing but marble. Without a basin. Without a tap. Without a plug. Impossible? Not for PS Masters.

Interior Architect

Frederic Kielemoes

Interior architect Frederic Kielemoes designed the FK1 with a specific idea as a starting point: "I wanted to create a game between different planes, where the water appears from nowhere and disappears into nothing again."

The first FK1 is made of pink marble: the spectacular Breccia Rosato from Verona

Pink marble
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PS Masters is the exclusive design line from Potier Stone.

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